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Steering Committee


Ricard Simo


Tony Aymat
Nick Gibbins


Elisabeth Sjogren

British Laryngological Association

Martin Birchall
Michelle Wyatt
Declan Costello
Jonathan Fishman

British Voice Association

Nimesh Patel

British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists

Hisham Mehanna

ENT UK Head and Neck Society

Paul Pracy

American Laryngological Society

Kenneth W Altman

American Bronchological and Esophageal Association

Jim Burns

Committee on Dysplasia and Cancer

Hans Eckel
Miquel Quer

Committee on Laryngotracheal Stenosis

Christian Sittel

Committee on Phoniatrics

Lise Crevier-Buchman

Committee on EILO

John-Helge Heimdal

Committee on Nomenclature and Guidelines

Marc Remacle

Committee on Low grade HPV

Fred Dikkers

Committee on High grade HPV

Peter Jens Klunsmann

Committee on Endoscopic Laryngeal Imaging

Christoph Arens

Committee on Neurolaryngology

Orlando Guntinas-Lichius
Marcus Gugatschka

Committee on Phonosurgery

Anastasios Hantzakos

Committee on Molecular Biology

Suzy Duflo



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