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Visiting London

“When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life,” said Samuel Johnson. And he was right. The capital of the United Kingdom, and the seat of the royal family, with its population of slightly over 8.5 million people is a city that has a lot to offer for all its visitors at any time of the day and year.

Rising to the top

Located in the south east of the island, and on the river Thames, London has been a city of great importance for two millennia now. Historically, London was established around AD 43 by Romans who called the city Londinium. Already at that time the settlement has had a great importance as it served as one of the major trading centres with the access to the sea.
The medieval heritage of London can still be observed at its core – the City of London - which preserves the medieval boundaries visited daily by tourist seeking to experience the historical city. As the city was growing in importance, in the 19th century it expanded from its core to comprise also its surroundings, today known as Greater London.
Nowadays, London holds the world’s premier place in aspects such as being the largest financial centre, the most touristically attractive city, the city owning the oldest underground system, or even the cultural capital of the world. It is a leading international city famous also for the arts, education, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, media, professional services, or research and development.

More about London

The city which can rightfully be called cosmopolitan has a lot to offer to those who prefer lively and unusual experiences such as the famous Greenwich + Docklands festival, Hampton Court Flower Show, Londinuim in the city, and many more.
Also, popular food festivals can be visited almost daily in London either in a form of an event prepared in a closed space, or in a form of a street food festival. Whichever you chose, be sure that the remarkable atmosphere, and the smells of the particular cuisine will transfer you to the parts of the globe that you would not dream of being at.
On contrary, those who prefer wandering in time can enjoy their leisure time by visiting sights from every historical period of the city. Moreover, London can proudly present four World Heritage Sites: the Tower of London – a safe fortress, royal palace and infamous prison.

Royal Kew Gardens established in 1759 with the largest and most diverse collection of the living plants in the world.
The Palace of Westminster with its clock known as the Big Ben - today serving a meeting place for parliament, Westminster Abbey – valuable pearl of the gothic period, and the St. Margaret’s Church – established a place of worship for Benedictine monks, are all are eye-witnesses of the growth and shaping of the British kingdom.
And lastly, the Greenwich settlement where the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Greenwich Observatory are located, and through which the Prime Meridian is running, dividing the globe into eastern and western hemispheres.   
Apart from these four sites, London offers much more places and events for seeing with all ensuring the visitors with a unique and unforgettable experience. It must not be omitted to mention the Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Piccadilly Circus, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Tower Bridge, Trafalgar square, or variety of museum and galleries such as Tate Modern and Theatres like West End.

London being one of the most important cities in the world, provides a great platform for hosting conferences where people from across the globe can meet, and share their knowledge.

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