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Instructional Courses

A Preliminary programme as of February 13, 2018.

IR1: Anaesthesia for the difficult airway

Imran Ahmad (UK)

IR2: Top Tips in Laryngology

Gregory Postma (USA)

IR3: Laryngeal electromyography (LEMG)

Claus Pototschnig (Austria)
Transoral endolaryngeal neurophysiologic diagnostic by electromyography and neurostimulation

Gerhard Förster (Austria)

Gerd Fabian Volk (Germany)
Basics of Neurolaryngology and Laryngeal EMG

Berit Schneider-Stickler (Germany)
Transcutaneous laryngeal EMG

IR4: Office-Based Phonosurgery

Markus Hess (Germany)
Transnasal laryngeal injections and laser surgery

IR5: The Voice Clinic

Anthony Aymat (UK)

Rehab Awad (UK)

IR6: Management early glottic cancer

Jan Plzák (Czech Republic)
Introduction – current trends in the treatment

Michal Zábrodský (Czech Republic)
Advanced diagnostic work-up

Petr Lukeš (Czech Republic)
Impact of tumour related adverse features on the outcome

IR7: Options for difficult exposure to the larynx

Lyndsay Mudford (UK)

Sarah Harris (UK)

IR8: Laryngeal Manipulation

Jacob Lieberman (UK)
Prospects of osteopathic medicine in the management of difficult cases of MTD

IR9: Endoscopic laryngeal imaging

Christoph Arens (Germany)
Endoscopic Imaging of the Vocal Folds

IR10: Vocal cord palsy

Declan Costello (UK)
The modern management of unilateral vocal fold paralysis

IR11: Top tip in phonosurgery

Guillermo Campos (Colombia)
Finesse in phonosurgery: From precise diagnosis to impeccable surgical treatment

IR12: Globus Pharyngeus and dysphagia

Jacob Pieter Noordzij (USA)
Globus Pharyngeus: A Panel Discussion of Case Studies

IR13: Identifying voice pathology by listening

James Thomas (USA)

Video session IR14: Oncology

Chair: Jean Pierre Jeannon (UK)
Co-chair: Enyi Ofo (UK)

Isabel Vilaseca (Spain)

Mario Fernandez (Spain)

Jorge Basterra (Spain)
Microelectrodes and radiofrequency in laryngeal surgery

George Lawson (Belgium)

Video session IR15: Vocal cord immobility

Chair: Paul Tierney (UK)

Yakubu Karagama (UK)
Different approaches to vocal cord injections

Julian McGlashan (UK)

3rd speaker to be confirm


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