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Oral presentations

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Abbey Room (Fourth Floor)

Laryngeal cancer

Chairs: Mario Bilič (Croatia), Sanjai Sood (UK)

Staining for Mu Opioid Receptors in Supraglottic and Glottic Carcinoma Specimens and the Relations with Intravenous Opioid Drug Abuse (ID 28)
Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk, Monica Huszar, Iris Levy, Oded Cohen, Doron Halperin, Yonatan Lahav (Israel)

Outcome of treating early glottic neoplasia with KTP (Potassium Titanyl Phosphate) Laser (ID 61)
David E Vokes, Reza Nouraei, Bren Dorman, Andrew Macann (New Zealand)

Follow up of early laryngeal cancer patients: recurrence and mortality in T1 and T2 glottic cancers (ID 83)
Alison Liu, Philippe Bowles, Meredydd Harries (UK)

NBI guided cordectomy in intermidiate- advanced (T2,T3) laryngeal cancer (ID 95)
Malgorzata Wierzbicka, Joanna Jackowska, Hanna Klimza (Poland)

The role of the Narrow-Band Imaging in diagnose of Head and Neck cancers (ID 118)
Dávid Kovács, László Tóth (Hungary)

Open Partial Horizontal Laryngectomies (OPHLs) for T3-4 glottic cancer: impact of anterior versus posterior tumor location on prognosis (ID 122)
Cesare Piazza, Francesca Martina Del Bon, Paolo Bosio, Alberto Paderno, Riccardo Morello, Davide Lancini, Nausica Montalto, Stefano Taboni, Piero Nicolai (Italy)

Endoscopic assessment of vascular changes in lesions of the vocal cords using NBI and contact endoscopy (ID 246)
Lucas Schöninger, Nikolaos Davaris, Susanne Voigt-Zimmermann, Christoph Arens (Germany)


Abbey Room (Fourth Floor)

Benign lesions of the larynx, Swallowing disorders, Pediatric laryngology

Chairs: Elfy Chevretton (UK), Guido van den Broek (the Netherlands)

Mucosal Bridges: A third variant proposed with a 9-year retrospective audit of their incidence (ID 24)
Nupur Nerurkar, Arundhatee Sapre, Rahul Gosavi (India)

WITHDRAWN Voice aspects in pathological sulcus vocalis with coexistant benign lesions of the vocal folds (ID 36)
Beata Miaśkiewicz, Elżbieta Gos, Agata Szkiełkowska, Aleksandra Panasiewicz (Poland)

Narrow-band imaging (NBI) for improving the assessment of vocal fold leukoplakia and overcoming the umbrella effect (ID 96)
Hanna Klimza, Joanna Jackowska, Maciej Tokarski, Krzysztof Piersiala, Malgorzata Wierzbicka (Poland)

A Revision of the Clinical Understanding of Sulcus Vocalis Based on Histology and Results of Simple Excision (ID 108)
Lucian Sulica, Theresa Scognamiglio, Katerina Andreadis (USA)

Management of laryngeal fracture: a 10 year experience (ID 178)
Tomas Mendes Carvalho, Paulo Pereira, Ana Rita Santos, Eduardo Ferreira (Portugal)

Office-based CO2 laser surgery for laryngeal pathology (ID 209)
Guido van den Broek, Jimmie Honings, Jasmijn Herruer, David Wellenstein (the Netherlands)

Unsuspected vocal fold cover minor structural alterations detected as an intraoperative finding in phonomicrosurgery (ID 252)
Luis Jorge Morales-Rubio, Tatiana Garcia-Rey, Jean Pierre Certain-Yepes, Néstor Ricardo González-Marín (Colombia)

Safety and Efficacy of Modified Transoral Resection of Diverticula for Zenker’s Diverticulum (ID 102)
C. Kwang Sung (USA), Attapon Junlapan (Thailand), Sara Abu-Ghanem (USA), Edward J Damrose (USA)

Impact of a device of customizable and flexible transportable seated positioning on swallowing disorders (DATP-DEG) (ID 264)
Virginie Woisard, Mireille Costes (France)

Endoscopic arytenoid abduction lateropexy for bilateral vocal cord paralysis in newborns – long-lasting results (ID 157)
Balázs Sztanó, Adam Bach, Ilona Szegesdi, Laszlo Rovo (Hungary)


Fleming Room (Third Floor)

Neurolaryngology Prize

Chairs: Orlando Guntinas-Lichius (Germany), Jean Paul Marie (France)

Sonographically navigated laryngeal electromyography (ID 12)
Kathleen Klinge, Andreas Mueller (Germany)

Common practices in botulinum toxin injection for the treatment of spasmodic dysphonia (ID 26)
Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel), David E Rosow (USA), Christian X Lava (USA), Edie R Hapner (USA), Michael M Johns (USA)

Endoscopic Thyroarytenoid Myoneurectomy in Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia (ID 33)
Sachin Gandhi, Rohan Bidaye (India)

Time Course of Recovery of Vocal Fold Paralysis (ID 158)
Lucian Sulica, Solomon Husain, Babak Sadoughi (USA)

Functional magnetic resonance imaging study of central neural system control of voice, with emphasis on phonation in women with muscle tension dysphonia (ID 201)
Maryna Kryshtopava (Belarus), Kristiane Van Lierde (Belgium), Iris Meerschman (Belgium), Evelien D’Haeseleer (Belgium), Sofie Claeys (Belgium)

Voice imaging: approaches and protocols (ID 210)
Maryna Kryshtopava (Belarus), Kristiane Van Lierde Van Lierde (Belgium), Sofie Claeys (Belgium), Nikalay Byalyauski (Belarus)

Prospective, multicenter study of type 2 thyroplasty using titanium bridges for adductor spasmodic dysphonia-pivotal study (ID 211)
Tetsuji Sanuki, Nobuhiko Oridate, Ichiro Tateya, Takaharu Nito, Hiromitsu Hatakeyama, Kenji Mizoguchi (Japan)

Agreement between the findings in Barium swallow Pharyngoesophagography and Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing, in patients with dysphagia (ID 213)
Luis H Jimenez, Angela M Ronderos, Carolina Campuzano, Jose L Larrotta (Colombia)

Arytenoid abduction for bilateral vocal fold paralysis (ID 256)
Isabel Garcia-Lopez, Ricardo Bernaldez-Millan (Spain)

Prospective assessment of voice outcomes after thyroid surgery using intra-operative nerve monitoring (ID 241)
Daniel Novakovic, Stan Sidhu, Anton Engelsman, Santha Warhurst, Sheila Fraser (Australia)

Endoscopic Neuromyectomy of Thyroarytenoid Muscle for Adductor Spasmodic Dysphonia – A Study on Long-Term Outcome on Voice Quality (ID 68)
Domingos H Tsuji, Rosiane Yamasaki, Rui Imamura, Luiz U Sennes (Brazil)


Westminster Suite (Fourth Floor)

David Howard Prize (BLA Prize)

Chairs: Jonathan Fishman (UK), John Rubin (UK)

Indications of Transnasal Humidified Rapid-Insufflation Ventilatory Exchange (THRIVE) in microdirect laryngoscopy (ID 29)
Philippe E Schultz, Laura Maupeu, Maryse Hengen, Sait Ciftci, Pierre Diemunsch (France)

Endoscopic silastic medialization for unilateral vocal fold paralysis (ID 63)
Ihab Atallah (France), Christian Righini (France), Paul F Castellanos (USA)

Oesophageal causes of dysphagia localised only to the pharynx: implications for the suspected head and neck cancer pathway (ID 142)
Reza Nouraei, Iain Murray, Kate Heathcote, Harry Dalton (UK)

The Image-Enhanced Contact Endoscopy for the evaluation of neoangiogenesis of premalignant and malignant lesions of the larynx and hypopharynx (ID 150)
Filippo Carta (Italy), Yuliya Rochshektayeva (Russian Federation), Cinzia Mariani (Italy), Roberto Puxeddu (Italy), Valeria Marrosu (Italy)

Decellularization of Trachea with Combined Techniques for Tissue-Engineered Trachea Transplantation (ID 161)
Aysegul Batioglu-Karaaltin, Ercument Ovali, Mehmet Veli Karaaltin, Haydar Murat Yener, Fatma Eyuboglu, Yetkin Zeki Yilmaz, Erol Rustu Bozkurt, Necdet Demir, Esma Konuk, Ergun Sureyya Bozdag, Harun Cansiz (Turkey)

Osteopathic medicine Globus: Practical approach to examination and treatment (ID 196)
Jacob Lieberman (UK), Prof Markus Hess (Germany)

Immediate intraoperative repair of the recurrent laryngeal nerve during thyroid surgery (ID 217)
Aleix Rovira, Máire Ring, William Townley, Ricard Simo (UK)

Development of A Surgical Procedure for UVFP Patients Using an Adjustable Implant (ID 221)
Guan-Min Ho (Taiwan), Mark Chang (Taiwan), Chieh-Han John Tzou (Austria), Stefan Meng (Austria), Lukas Reissig (Austria), Wolfgang J Weninger (Austria)

The Role of Oral Steroids in the Treatment of Phonotraumatic Vocal Fold Lesions (ID 234)
Milan Amin (USA)

Laryngeal Distribution of Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis in a Previously Untreated Cohort (ID 237)
Gregory Dion, Milan Amin (USA)

To Sing or Not to Sing! When Is It Safe to perform and How Long Should Voice Rest Be? (ID 267)
Lance Maron (South Africa)


St James’s Suite (Fourth Floor)

Lichtenberger Prize

Chairs: Leena-Maija Aaltonen (Finland), Gauthier R Desuter (Belgium)

The Auckland Airway Assessment (AAA) Protocol: developing cardiopulmonary exercise testing for laryngotracheal stenosis and vocal palsy (ID 1)
Reza Nouraei (UK), Bren Dorman (New Zealand), Andrew Veale (New Zealand), Ron Blaza (New Zealand), David Vokes (New Zealand)

Implementation of the European laryngological society classification for benign laryngotracheal stenoses: A multicentric study (ID 87)
Ivana Fiz (Germany), Philippe Monnier (Switzerland), Jan Constantin Koelmel (Germany), Diana Di Dio (Germany), Michele Torre (Italy), Francesco Fiz (Germany), Giorgio Peretti (Italy), Christian Sittel (Germany), Cesare Piazza (Italy)

The ability of the eating assessment tool-10 to predict laryngeal penetration in patients with anatomical and neuromuscular disorders (ID 138)
António N Fernandes, Pedro C Rodrigues, Gabriela Torrejano, Elizabeth Moscoso, Paulo Martins, Leonel Luís (Portugal)

Method of high-frequency ventilation in combination with cold-plasma resection in surgical laryngomalacia of treatment (ID 148)
Pavel Pryanikov, Nicolay Grachev, Liliya Budeykina, Oksana Timofeeva, Vladislav Shukin, Alexey Nasedkin (Russian Federation)

Volumetric Analysis of Vocal Fold Atrophy Via Magnetic Resonance Imaging (ID 163)
David E. Rosow, Sandra Saint-Victor, Eric R. Barbarite (USA)

Design of a wearable device for voice monitoring (ID 232)
Marcos Llorente, Secundino Fenández (Spain)

Systemic Safety of Serial Intralesional Steroid Injection for Subglottic Stenosis (ID 245)
Jonathan P Woliansky, Paul M Paddle, Debra Phyland (Australia)

Functional results of CO2 LASER glottic-widening procedures in bilateral laryngeal paralysis (ID 261)
Virginia Fancello, Valeria Marrosu, Marina Di Pino, Stefano Del Giacco, Filippo Carta, Roberto Puxeddu (Italy)

Non-selective reinnervation: advantages in pediatric unilateral vocal cord palsy (ID 190)
Virginia Fancello, Jessica Jessica, Andrea Burgess, Hasnaa Ismail-Koch, Kate Heathcote (UK)

Unilateral vocal fold paralysis and voice therapy – does age matter? (ID 174)
Mariline Santos, Pedro Santos, Susana Vaz Freitas, Isabel Carvalho, Miguel Bebiano Coutinho, Cecília Almeida Sousa (Portugal)

WITHDRAWN Pharyngeal motility evaluation through high resolution manometry in patients submitted to thyroplasty type I (ID 42)
Bruno Rezende Pinna, Noemi de Biase, Fernando Herbella (Brazil)



Friday, May 18, 2018

Abbey Room (Fourth Floor)


Chairs: Lance Maron (South Africa), Natalie Watson (UK)

Anesthesia for CO2 laser microsurgery – evaluation of 1053 procedures (ID 262)
Eduardo R Breda, Carla Rocha, Joana Correia, Eurico Monteiro, Lina Miranda (Portugal)

Medical and Educational Occupational Voice Care for Teacher –Students at the College of Education in Salzburg (ID 131)
Joseph Schlömicher-Thier, Weikert Matthias (Austria)

The Efficacy of Medialisation in the Management of Laryngeal Nerve Paresis (ID 268)
Lance Maron (South Africa)

Raised Pollutant Standard Index – a source of concern for the upper airway (ID 280)
Shin Yin Ooi, Rebecca Heywood, Vyas Prasad (Singapore)


Westminster Suite (Fourth Floor)

Patrick Bradley Oncology Prize

Chairs: Jemy Jose (UK), Miroslav Tedla (Slovakia)

Voice outcome after unilateral type III or superficial bilateral type II resections for T1-T2 glottic carcinoma: results after 1 year (ID 10)
Martine Hendriksma, Yda van Loon, Bas J. Heijnen, Vivienne A.H. van de Kamp, Marieke M. Hakkesteegt, Ton P.M. Langeveld, Martin W.M.C. Klop, Rob J. Baatenburg de Jong, Elisabeth V. Sjögren (the Netherlands)

A critical reappraisal of staging primary and recurrent advanced laryngeal cancer: a comparative study (ID 43)
Giuditta Mannelli, Michele Pietragalla, Cecilia Taverna, Luca Giovanni Locatello (Italy)

Dysphagia and voice assessment in head and neck cancer patients: global impact on quality of life and perspective speech pathologist rehabilitation program (ID 44)
Giuditta Mannelli, Isacco Desideri, Ilaria Carmignani (Italy)

Lateral cervical approach for open laryngeal surgery: technical notes (ID 79)
Giuseppe Mercante, Fabio Ferreli, Giuseppe Spriano (Italy)

Usage of voice synthesis after total laryngectomy increase patient’s quality of life (ID 112)
Barbora Repova, Jiri Mertl, Zdenek Fik, Simona Simonidesova, Jan Betka (Czech Republic)

Proteogenomic approach to reveal age-related carcinogenesis in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma: a pilot study (ID 116)
Renee CJ Verhoeven, Frank Klont, Linda Bras, Karin Wolters, Bernard FAM van der Laan, Victor Guryev, Peter L Horvatovich, Gyuri B Halmos (the Netherlands)

Early glottic cancer: A randomized controlled trial comparing KTP with CO2 laser surgery (ID 123)
Yonatan Lahav, Doron Halperin, Yael Shapira-Galitz, Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel)

Isoprognosis curves in glottic cancer treated by transoral laser microsurgery alone (ID 137)
Marta Filauro, Filippo Marchi, Alberto Paderno, Perotti Pietro, Andrea Iandelli, Cesare Piazza, Giorgio Peretti (Italy)

Transoral robotic total laryngectomy (TORS-TL): the experience of CHU UCL Namur (ID 145)
Gilles Delahaut, Sebastien van der Vorst, Georges Lawson, Gersdorff Guillaume, Bachy Vincent, Desgain Olivier, Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)

Prognostic value of anterior commissure involvement in early glottic carcinoma treated with CO2 laser transoral microsurgery (ID 149)
Filippo Carta (Italy), Cinzia Mariani (Italy), Yuliya Rochshektayeva (Russian Federation), Roberto Puxeddu (Italy)

Systemic inflammatory markers and peripheral T-cells subsets in laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma (ID 185)
Francesco Missale, Filippo Marchi, Luca Guastini, Giorgio Peretti (Italy)

The Acute and Chronic Effects of Concurrent Chemoradiation Therapy to the Base of Tongue in a Pre-Clinical Model (ID 235)
Milan Amin (USA)

CO2 laser transoral microsurgery for supraglottic squamous cell carcinoma (ID 255)
Filippo Carta, Valeria Marrosu, Giovanni B Sambiagio, Natalia Chuchueva, Cinzia Mariani, Clara Gerosa, Roberto Puxeddu (Italy)

Anterolateral Thigh Flap following laryngectomy or pharyngolaryngectomy: A 5-year Experience (ID 258)
Richard Chalmers, Natasha O'Neill, Luigi Volpini, Aleix Rovira-Casas, Richard Oakley, Jean-Pierre Jeannon, Ricard Simo, William Townley (UK)

WITHDRAWN Smoking cessation intervention for patients with head and neck cancer: Preliminary results of a prospective randomized controlled trial (ID 39)
Tony Richa, Diane Helou, Nayla Matar, Hussein Smaily, Michel Khalaf, Amine Haddad (Lebanon)


St James’s Suite (Fourth Floor)

Advances in laryngology

Chairs: Witold Szyfter (Poland), Wenche Moe Thorstensen (Norway)

HFNC/THRIVE – “Game Changer in Airway Surgery” (ID 13)
Rakesh Srivastava (India)

WITHDRAWN Stop the Breathing! High Flow Nasal Oxygen; A Novel Technique for Tubeless Laryngeal Surgery (ID 23)
Bronagh Lang, Orla Young, Michael Callaghan (Ireland)

Identification of Vocal Fold Pathologies through Acoustic Signals Processing (ID 59)
Yaniv Hamzany, Orna kadosh, Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel)

Supraglottic High Frequency Jet Ventilation – HFJV without catheter (ID 19)
Frederik G Dikkers, G. Boukes Eindhoven, Grita Krenz (the Netherlands)

European Live Surgery Broadcast as a new method of education in laryngology (ID 99)
Witold Szyfter (Poland), Maciej Tokarski (Poland), Cezary Mazurek (Poland), Michal Karlik (Poland), Elizabeth Sjogren (the Netherlands), Frederik Dikkers (the Netherlands)

Emergency in laryngotracheal surgery. Cannot intubate, cannot ventilate. Algorithm of treatment tracheal canula patients. Basis of the patient's and people safety in medicine and aviation. Our experience (ID 160)
Pavel Pryanikov, Nicolay Grachev, Vladislav Shukin, Karina Avetisyan, Guram Sardarov (Russian Federation)

Preliminary experience in transoral laryngeal surgery with a flexible robotic system for benign lesions of the vocal folds (ID 222)
Vyas M.N. Prasad (Singapore), Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)

A fifteen year review of the use of the Laryngeal Anterior Commissure Stent (LACS) for the treatment of anterior glottic synechiae (ID 223)
Vyas M.N. Prasad (Singapore), Raja Fakhoury (Lebanon), Diane Helou (Lebanon), Mohammed I Almohizea (Saudi Arabia), Georges Lawson (Belgium), Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)

Examination of the brain functional connectivities in SD patients by resting-state fMRI (ID 62)
Yusuke Shoji, Ryoji Tokashiki, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, Rei Motohashi, Eriko Sakurai, Fumimasa Tokyomura, Masaki Nomoto, Yuri Ueda, Ayumi Takano, Kiyoaki Tsukahara (Japan)


Fleming Room (Third Floor)

Voice disorders

Chairs: Chadwan Al Yaghchi (UK), Nicholas Gibbins (UK)

Bilateral trial injection medialization with hyaluronic acid in patients with vocal fold atrophy with or without sulcus (ID 16)
Emke M.J.M. Van den Broek, Bas J. Heijnen, Anton P.M. Langeveld, Elisabeth V. Sjögren (the Netherlands)

Management of Congenital Anterior Glottic Webs with Laryngeal Framework Stenosis using a “Double Flap Endoscopic Coring Technique” (ID 17)
Nupur Nerurkar (India)

Arytenoid dislocation and subluxation diagnosed using three-dimensional computed tomography and the results of voice-improving surgery (ID 65)
Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, Ryoji Tokashiki (Japan)

Exploring Dysphonia Severity Index and Acoustic Voice Quality Index measures in differentiating normal and dysphonic voices (ID 66)
Nora Ulozaite-Staniene (Lithuania), Ben Barsties v. Latoszek (Belgium), Tadas Petrauskas (Lithuania), Youri Maryn (Belgium), Virgilijus Uloza (Lithuania)

WITHDRAWN Acoustic-based Cepstral Peak Prominence and Spectral Slope improve with increasing vocal intensity in women with and without voice disorders (ID 100)
Meike Brockmann-Bauser (Switzerland), Jarrad H. Van Stan (USA), Jörg E. Bohlender (Switzerland), Daryush D. Mehta (USA)

Modeling sulcus vocalis in rabbits (ID 140)
Aysegul Batioglu Karaaltin, Muge Ugurlar, Haydar Murat Yener, Erol Rustu Bozkurt, Zulkuf Burak Erdur, Ozcan Ozturk (Turkey)

Voice Handicap Index in the elderly: VHI-30 versus VHI-10 (ID 183)
Mariline Santos, David Dias, Ângela Reis Rego, Susana Vaz Freitas, Miguel Bebiano Coutinho, Àlvaro Moreira Silva, Cecília Almeida Sousa (Portugal)

Subjective and objective testing in patients aged over 60 with dysphonia presenting to a voice clinic (ID 291)
Chrysostomos Tornari, Katrina Mason, Sara Harris, Rehab Awad, Anthony Aymat, Nicholas Gibbins (UK)


Westminster Suite (Fourth Floor)

Airway stenosis

Chairs: Christoph Arens (Germany), Jorge Basterra (Spain)

Benefits of in-office tracheoscopy (ID 25)
Narin Nard Carmel Neiderman, Yael Oestreicher Kedem (Israel)

The effect of human adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells in rat’s subglottic stenosis model (ID 60)
Joo Hyun Woo (Korea)

Endoscopic Dilatation Management for Moderate to Severe Subglottic Stenosis in Adults (ID 84)
Yaniv Hamzany, Orna kadosh, Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel)

Reconstruction of the subglottis in cases of benign and malignant lesions (ID 88)
László Rovó (Hungary), Ádám Bach (Hungary), Vera Matievics (Hungary), Ilona Szegesdi (Hungary), Paul F. Castellanos (USA), Balázs Sztanó (Hungary)

Endoscopic surgery in the treatment of laryngeal stenosis: our experience of 41 cases (ID 176)
Francesco Missale, Fabiola Incandela, Francesco Mora, Giorgio Peretti (Italy)

Endoscopic Z-plasty for Treatment of Supraglottic Stenosis: A New Surgical Technique and Experience on Six Patients (ID 215)
Taner Yilmaz (Turkey)

Microelectrodes and radio frequency in the treatment of arytenoid edema after radiotherapy (ID 233)
Jorge Basterra, Alvaro Sanchez, Natsuki Oishi, Enrique Zapater (Spain)



Saturday, May 19, 2018

Abbey Room (Fourth Floor)

Vocal cord paralysis

Chairs: Milan Amin (USA), Gauthier R Desuter (Belgium)

Very Long-Term Voice Handicap Index Outcomes after Montgomery Thyroplasty: a plea for permanency of results (ID 8)
Gauthier R Desuter (Belgium), Enrique Zapater (Spain), Sebastien van der Vorst (Belgium), Severine Henrard (Belgium), Julie van Lith-Bijl (Belgium), Peter Paul van Benthem (the Netherlands), Sjögren Elisabeth (the Netherlands)

Diagnosis and management of unilateral partial inner laryngeal paralysis (ID 34)
Ryoji Tokashiki, Hiroyuki Hiramatsu, Ray Motohashi, Yusuke Shoji (Japan)

Contribution of Montgomery Implant System in medialization thyroplasty: Postoperative voice results (ID 46)
Gilles Delahaut (Belgium), Sebastien Vandervorst (Belgium), Vincent Bachy (Belgium), Georges Lawson (Belgium), Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)

Diagnostic and prognostic contribution of laryngeal electromyography in unilateral vocal fold immobility in adults (ID 57)
Florent Espitalier, Adrien Focquet, Yann Péréon, Olivier Malard (France)

Spontaneous adductor reinnervation after recurrent laryngeal nerve injuries – Its clinical importance in the treatment of bilateral vocal cord paralysis (ID 85)
Ádám Bach (Hungary), Balázs Sztanó (Hungary), Vera Matievics (Hungary), Zsófia Bere (Hungary), Gerd Fabian Volk (Germany), Andreas Müller (Germany), László Rovó (Hungary)

Vocal fold augmentation with abdominal fat for glottic insufficiency due to paralysis, atrophy and scarring: short and long-term outcomes (ID 120)
Yonatan Lahav, Doron Halperin, Liron Malka-Yosef, Hagit Shoffel-Havakuk (Israel)

Results of arytenoidectomy using Coblator II (ID 156)
Pavel Pryanikov, Nicolay Grachev, Ivan Fetisov, Dmitry Bazarov, Alexey Nasedkin, Igor Reshetov (Russian Federation)

Objective assessment of glottis enlargement after endoscopic arytenoid abduction lateropexy – cadaver study, 3D radiological and functional evaluation (ID 172)
László Szakács (Hungary), Balázs Sztanó (Hungary), Vera Matievics (Hungary), Zsófia Bere (Hungary), Paul F Castellanos (USA), László Rovó (Hungary)

Laryngeal electromyography: superior laryngeal nerve involvement in iatrogenic and non-iatrogenic vocal fold paresis (ID 192)
Gerhard Foerster, Kathleen Klinge, Ahmed I Nasr, Andreas Mueller (Germany)

Changes in Peak Airflow Measurement During Maximal Cough After Vocal Fold Augmentation in Patients with Glottic Insufficiency (ID 239)
Gregory Dion, Milan Amin (USA)

Awake office-based surgery for vocal fold lesions and injection laryngoplasty using a curved needle via a thyrohyoid approach (ID 18)
Ray Motohashi, Ryoji Tokashiki, Yusuke Shoji, Masaki Nomoto, Yu Saito, Kiyoaki Tsukahara (Japan)


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