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Round Tables

A programme as of May 1, 2018.

Thyroid: RT 1

Topic: Prevention and management of RLN injury after thyroid surgery

Chair: Ricard Simo (UK)


Jean Paul Marie (France) – Options for intraoperative repair of the RLN during thyroid surgery
Tori Burnay (UK) – The role of the Voice Therapist when the RLN has been injured
Iain Nixon (UK) – Strategies in the management of the bilateral vocal cord palsy after thyroid surgery
Declan Costello (UK) – Management of the unilateral vocal cord after thyroid surgery

British Laryngological Association: RT 2

Topic: Dysphagia

Chair: Vinidh Paleri (UK) 


Peter Clarke (UK) – Dysphagia post-CRT
James O'Hara (UK) – Cricopharyngeal dysphagia
Justin Roe (UK) – Late radiation associated dysphagia and airway stenosis
Craig H Zalvan (USA) – Farma vs. Pharma - A diet based approach for Laryngopharyngeal Reflux

British Laryngological Association: RT 3

Topic: Paediatric

Chair: Kate Heathcote (UK)
Co-chair: Michelle Wyatt (UK)


Kate Heathcote (UK) – Unilateral non-selective laryngeal reinnervation in children
Martin Birchall (UK) – The Vocalist Trial: Thyroplasty or Reinnervation in UVFP?
Jean Paul Marie (France) – Rouen experience in paediatric larynx reinnervation. New paradigm?
Hasnaa Ismail Koch (UK) – The Wessex Pathway for the management of Paediatric VF Palsy

BVA and Voice Day Committee: RT 4

Topic: Management of the professional Voice

The Show Must Go On?
(What would you do with a performer in trouble before a performance?)

Chair: Nicholas E Gibbins (UK)
Co-chair: Nimesh Patel (UK)


Meredydd Harries (UK) – The laryngologist
Philippa Ratcliffe (UK) – The Speech therapist
Janice Chapman (UK) – The classical singing teacher
Dane Chalfin (UK) – The contemporary singing teacher
Ed Blake (UK) – The laryngeal Physiotherapist

British Association of Head and Neck Oncologists and ENT UK Head and Neck Society: RT 5

Topic: Management of T3 – The controversy continues

Chair: Paul Pracy (UK)


Cesare Piazza (Italy) – Different flavors of laryngeal T3: when one does not fit all...
Malgorzata Wierzbicka (Poland) – The feasibility of TLM in T3 glottic cancer. When is it appropriate to move from TLM to open partial laryngectomy?
Teresa Guerrero (UK) – Outcomes of primary ChemoRadiation in T3 Laryngeal cancer
Joanne Wheeler (UK) – Rehabilitation in open partial laryngectomy

American Laryngological Society: RT 6

Topic: Sensory Neuropathy and Chronic Cough

Chair: Michael Benninger (USA)


Dinesh Chhetri (USA)
Lucian Sulica (USA)
Peak Woo (USA)
James Burns (USA)

American Bronchological and Esophageal Association: RT 7

Topic: Innovative Technology, Reflections from the ABEA

Chair: Michael L Hinni (USA)
Co-chair: James Burns (USA)


James Burns (USA) – Innovations in simulation of laryngeal Injections and Treatment of Posterior Glottis Stenosis
Michael Benninger (USA) – Innovations in the use of coblation in laryngeal surgery
Ian Jacobs (USA) – Innovation in high fidelity simulation for the airway
David G Lott (USA) – Tissue Engineering for Laryngotracheal Reconstruction

Committee on Dysplasia and Cancer: RT 8

Topic: Management of Dysplasia – Assessment, Treatment and Follow-up

Chair: Hans Eckel (Austria)
Co-chair: Miquel Quer (Spain)


Miquel Quer (Spain) – Biomarkers of progression to carcinoma in laryngeal dysplasia
Cesare Piazza (Italy) – To biopsy or not to biopsy, this is the problem... Pros and cons of an old-fashioned approach and the way ahead
Edward Odell (UK) – Histological classification of dysplasia
Mary Lei (UK) – Radiotherapy management of dysplasia
Ricardo L Serrano (Argentina) – Management of Laryngeal Dysplasias

Committee on Laryngotracheal Stenosis: RT 9

Topic: Innovations in the management of Idiopathic Subglottic Stenosis in Adults

Chair: Christian Sittel (Germany)


Guri Sandhu (UK) – Definitive endoscopic approaches to ISS
Richard Oakley (UK) – Managementof acute subglottic stenosis
Georgio Peretti (Italy) – Validation of the classification system of the LTS proposed by ELS
Alexander Gelbard (USA) – Host - pathogen interactions drive Idiopathic subglottic stenosis

Committee on Phoniatrics: RT 10

Topic: Voice Assessment for Dysphonia – What we have learned

The case of Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis

Chair: Lise Crevier-Buchman (France)
Co-chair: Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)


Lise Crevier-Buchman (France) – Introduction to Minimal Voice Assessment
Marc Remacle (Luxembourg) – Usefulness of a minimal vocal assessment as a tool for clinical studies, comparability of outcomes and medico-legal recommendations
Peak Woo (USA) – Laryngeal examination in the assessment and therapeutic decision making for unilateral vocal fold paralysis
Gauthier Desuter (Belgium) – Minimal voice outcome indicators after UVFP: surgical management
Berit Schneider-Stickler (Austria) – Most relevant acoustical data in the clinical voice assessment and the follow-up for UVFP
Antoine Giovanni (France) – Aerodynamic and Acoustic Measurements in UVFP. Our Data Base

Committee on EILO: RT 11

Topic: EILO Current controversies and management

Chair: John-Helge Heimdal (Norway)


Robert Maat (the Netherlands) – EILO diagnostics, challenges in correlating diagnostic findings and patients complaints
Camilla Slot Mehlum (Denmark) – An interdisciplinary approach to EILO: collaboration or conflict
Hege Clemm (Norway) – Treatment challenges
Zoe Fretheim Kelly (Norway) – Tolerability of pressure measurement over the larynx during exercise

Committee on Nomenclature and Guidelines: RT 12

Topic: Laser Assisted Surgeries – New nomenclature and guidelines

Chair: Marc Remacle (Luxembourg)


Vyas Prasad (Singapore) – Evaluation of the classification for transoral partial laryngectomies
Greg Postma (USA) – Laser Assisted Upper Aero Digestive Tract Surgery Nomenclature
Aude Lagier (Belgium) – Precising the different types of vocal fold immobility
Antoine Giovanni (France) – Vocal fold scars. How to classify them
Anastasios G Hantzakos (United Arab Emirates) – Exudative lesions of Reinke’s space

Committee on Low grade HPV: RT 13

Topic: Management of Recurrent Laryngeal Papillomatosis: What have we learned?

Chair: Frederik. G. Dikkers (the Netherlands)


Guillermo Campos (Colombia) – Clinical visualization of RRP, past and present
Daniel Novakovic (Australia) – Effects of implementation of a national vaccination program
Taru Ilmarinen (Finland) – RRP: is it a risk for cancer?
Leena-Maija Aaltonen (Finland) – The patient behind the papilloma
Lance Maron (South Africa) – How to deal with advanced cases

Committee on High grade HPV: RT 14

Topic: HPV related laryngeal cancer

Chair: Jens Peter Klussmann (Germany)


Selvam Thavaraj (UK) – Histological aspects of high grade HPV in the larynx
Jan Klozar (Czech Republic) – Clinical relevance of HPV outside of oropharynx
Francesco Bussu (Italy) – Defining the real prevalence of HPV driven SCCs in laryngeal oncology: facts, myths, and open questions
Tim Waterboer (Germany) – The role of HPV serology and RNA detection in laryngeal cancer

Committee on Endoscopic Laryngeal Imaging: RT 15

Topic: Optical Biopsy: Fact or Fiction

Chair: Christoph Arens (Germany)


Christian Stephan Betz (Germany) – Vertical and cellular Imaging: OCT and CLE
Petr Lukeš (Czech Republic) – Horizontal Imaging: Compact Endoscopy
Georgio Peretti (Italy) – Controlling the margins
Cesare Piazza (Italy) – Postoperative endoscopic control
Rose Ngu (UK) – Is there an US role in detecting laryngeal pathology?

Committee on Neurolaryngology: RT 16

Topic: New Therapeutic Fields in Neurolaryngology

Chair: Orlando Guntinas-Lichius (Germany)
Co-chair: Marcus Gugatschka (Austria)


Orlando Guntinas-Lichius (Germany) – Introduction
Philipp Caffier (Germany) – Treatments and Phoniatric results in the international bilateral vocal fold paralysis registry
Andreas H Mueller (Germany) – Pros and cons of laryngeal synkinesis in recurrent laryngeal nerve paresis
Berit Schneider-Stickler (Austria) – New neurolaryngological aspects of unilateral vocal fold paralysis
Marcus Gugatschka (Austria) – Neurolaryngology and voice rejuvenation

Committee on Phonosurgery: RT 17

Topic: Vocal Cord Scars: Current and Future Trends

Chair: Anastasios G Hantzakos (United Arab Emirates)


Guillermo Campos (Colombia) – The role of detailed clinical evaluation in surgical planning and execution
Markus Hess (Germany) – In-office steroid injection in scarred vocal folds
Elisabeth V Sjögren (the Netherlands) – Outcome of medialization (injection and LFS) in VFS/sulcus
Nicholas E Gibbins (UK) – Role of hyaluronic acid in the management of vocal cord scars

Committee on Molecular Biology and Laryngeal Lesions: RT 18

Topic: Laryngeal Lesions

Chair: Suzy Duflo (French West Indies)


Suzy Duflo (French West Indies) – Laryngeal lesions: from the cell to the clinic
Nathan Welham (USA) – Stellate cells and retinoid biology in vocal fold mucosa
Antoine Giovanni (France) – Vascular stromal fraction for treatment of vocal fold scars: First results of a Phase I Clinical trial
Jonathan Fishman (UK) – Characterisation of a porcine-derived extracellular matrix gel for laryngeal tissue engineering
Markus Gugatschka (Austria) – Molecular laryngology – Creating a new basis of understanding

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