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Antoine Giovanni

Antoine Giovanni

University Professor, Hospital Practitioner

Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, Aix Marseille University
13385 Marseille cedex5

• Doctor of Medicine Faculty of Medicine of Marseille (1985): Thesis on "Treatment of laryngeal cancers" very honorable mention (price ENT Bouchara 1986)
• Equivalence of the ENT DES (1988)
• Experimental Phonetics DEA from the University of Provence: Work on "The analysis of dysphonies by a multiparametric protocol", mention very well (1996)
• Equivalence of DESC of surgery of the face and neck (1997)
• Ph D Aix Marseille University (1998): Thesis on "Contribution to the development of a multiparametric protocol for the objective evaluation of dysphonia"
• Habilitation to direct research (1999), issued by the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille, discipline Oto-Rhino-Laryngology

• Internal Hospitals (1980)
• Head of University Clinic-Hospital Assistant (1985)
• Hospital Practitioner – Hospital Surgeon (1989-2000)
• Research Practitioner Associated with the CNRS (PRA): Research Contract 1995-1997 with the Speech and Language Laboratory (URA 261 CNRS)
• Professor of Universities – Hospital Practitioner (Pr. M. Zanaret and then Dess.) Since 2000
• Co-head of the Clinical Audio-Phonology Research Laboratory (UPRES-EA 2668) 2004/2008
• Responsible Team 2 (Word: constraints and variations) of the Word and Language Laboratory (UMR CNRS 6057) since 2008
• Former Director of the Speech-Language Capacity of the Faculty of Medicine of Marseille (since 2001–2016)

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