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Dinesh Chhetri

Dinesh Chhetri

Dr. Dinesh Chhetri is a Laryngologist and Professor of Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). He is the director of the UCLA Swallowing Disorders Program, the UCLA Head and Neck Cancer Survivorship Program, and co-director of the Laryngology (Voice) program

Dr. Chhetri obtained his medical degree with distinction from UCLA in 1997. He then completed his residency in Otolaryngology (2003) and fellowship in Laryngology (2005) at UCLA as well. He is member of the Triological Society, and serves on the Council of the American Laryngological Association as Editor. He has authored 90 research articles and five book chapters.

Dr. Chhetri’s clinical interests span the entire spectrum of laryngology, with particular emphasis on airway stenosis, laryngeal reinnervation, dysphagia, and survivorship after treatment of head and neck cancer. He is certified in Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS) for head and neck cancer. He is involved internationally in a consortium of surgeons aiming to develop laryngeal and airway surgery capability in underserved regions of the world.

Dr. Chhetri’s research has been consistently R01 grant funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) on the topic of neuromuscular control of the larynx and voice disorders. His main research contributions are in the arenas of laryngeal physiology/voice production and vocal fold scars.

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