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Gerd Fabian Volk

Gerd Fabian Volk

Gerd Fabian Volk is active since 2006 as a physician at the Department of Otorhino­laryngo­logy of Jena University Hospital. Since 2012 he is the Head of the interdisciplinary Facial-Nerve-Center Jena. The Facial-Nerve-Center is a cooperation between the Department of Psychology, Neurology, Physiotherapy, Radiology, and Otorhinolaryngology using Bio­feed­back and Constrained Induced Movement techniques. Gerd Fabian Volk worked already during medical school in Münster in the research group of Prof. Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Solon Thanos to quantify and improve nerve regeneration. His clinical interests are: electro­physio­logical and imaging techniques for the evaluation and representation of the muscles and nerves of the face and of the larynx, application of botulinum toxin in the head and neck region, functional diagnostics and therapy of peripheral nerve lesions. Experimental topics: development of new methods of reconstruction of the facial and laryngeal nerve, electro­stimulation as diagnostic and therapeutic tool, Central changes after brain nerve failure, in particular of the facial and vestibular nerves.

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