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Jacob Lieberman

Jacob Lieberman
United Kingdom

Registered Osteopath & Psychotherapist, Specialist in the Management of Vocal Crisis.

Jacob is an internationally acclaimed expert on physical and psychological management of voice disorders. He has co-authored articles on the clinical relevance of muscle and joint dysfunction.

He researched and developed protocols for the examination and treatment of muscles tension dysphonia (MTD) and associated symptoms. He has contributed chapters to a number of text books including: Diagnosis and Treatment of Voice Disorders, Treatment of Voice Disorders, The Voice Clinic Handbook and others.

His interest in the underlying emotional issues in many voice disorders resulted in him developing some of the first clinical tools to identify such issues. At the outset, he was one of the only laryngeal osteopaths in the UK. In recent years’ laryngeal physical therapy is becoming more commonplace. In no small part due to his courses on Osteopathic medicine in Laryngology taking place in the Deutsche Stimmklinik Germany with Prof Markus Hess and his team. His research and clinical work added insights into better understanding of laryngeal mechanics and a better understanding to associated symptoms like TMJ dysfunction and Globus complaints.

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