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James Phillip Thomas

James Phillip Thomas

James spent his early life in Michigan, the son of an anesthesiologist. He recalls seeing the inside of the operating room, everyone dressed in green, at an early age. His family moved to Pennsylvania both to enjoy and appreciate the aspects of hard work and reward that comes from maintaining farm buildings, planting crops and raising cattle. After 8 years, B.S and M.D. degree in hand from Pennsylvania State University, he studied otolaryngology at Southern Illinois University. He continued his migration westward to Portland, Oregon, opening an otorhinolaryngology practice for a brief time before further specializing. Traveling in Europe and the US, visiting established laryngologists, he designed his own fellowship in laryngology before embarking on his present career of teaching and practicing laryngology.

He has taught at the university level and continues to offer preceptorships to medical students from Oregon Health Sciences University. Speech therapists, voice teachers and post graduate fellows from around the world study the subspecialty of laryngology with him. He frequently travels around the globe in order to teach surgical and diagnostic skills to established otolaryngologists. His website, reaches a global audience of consumers and physicians with information about the voice.

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