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Lyndsay Mudford

Lyndsay Mudford
United Kingdom

The Royal London Hospital Whitechapel 1977–1980

The British College of Osteopathic Medicine 1996–2000

State Registered Nurse

Registered Osteopath BSc(Hons)Ost.Med. D.O.

I have practised general osteopathy for eighteen years in south-east London where I currently work at Lee Complementary Health Centre.

Over the last three years I have specialised in laryngeal manual therapy under the tutelage and guidance of Osteopath and Psychotherapist, Jacob Lieberman, who is the pioneer of this work.

I am now a member of the Voice Clinic Team at University Hospital Lewisham, south-east London where patients with Muscle Tension Dysphonia are referred to me by the ENT surgeons and speech therapists.

The effect of treatment is usually immediate and professional voice users such as singers and actors often comment that their voice has improved resonance or their pitch range has increased and that swallowing feels easier. Treatment also enables patients to carry out more effectively exercises given to them by speech therapists.

In keeping with the principles of osteopathy, I note also their posture, breathing patterns, level of physical tension, and any structural and dynamic asymmetries which may reveal further contributing factors to their symptoms.

With the patient’s confidence gained, the assured contact of hands-on treatment can be profoundly effective in reducing anxiety, helping with relaxation and, if there is no pathology involved in the larynx, giving hope that their normal voice can be restored.

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