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Markus Gugatschka

Markus Gugatschka

Assoc. Prof. Markus Gugatschka M. D. is currently interim director of the Department of Phoniatrics at the Medical University Graz, Austria. He spent parts of his training at Charité, (Berlin), Kyoto (Japan) and most recently Karolinska institute, Stockholm (Sweden).

His scientific work covers several fields including laryngeal tissue engineering and regenerative treatment options for laryngeal diseases, as well as functional electrical stimulation (FES) for treatment of presbyphonia and vocal cord paralysis. Exploring functional biomarkers for early detection of diseases in the realm of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Rett’s disease and fragile X-Syndrom is another research topic. He has published 60 peer-reviewed articles and is heading currently three third-party grants.

He is member of the Austrian society of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology, currently member of the presidential council of the European Laryngological Society (ELS) and founding member of the Austrian society for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (ASTERM).

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